What We Do


The Legal Cannabis industry requires a very specific set security regulations. As a business owner in this industry it can become very frustrating to try and understand each of these rules and regulations set by your state. Finding answers to regulatory questions can take extensive time consuming. Even worse, the wrong set of information can lead you down the wrong path. ASFM knows these laws and brings that knowledge to you as a consultant. You don’t want to face delays, have to stop operations or lose revenue because of bad information. Let ASFM help guide you to success.




Having a tough time with compliance? Don’t worry, ASFM takes compliance very serious.  Our number one priority is to help you meet the highest compliance standards. Our team has years of experience that they bring to the table, allowing you to focus on what is most important, your business. Adhering to laws set by State and Local Governments, we ensure that you can continue to operate while adhering to the law.




ASFM has partnered with Netwatch to provide the most advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies available. This includes audio visual detection, personal protector equipment and wireless perimeter security cordons in order to protect your business and valuable assets. The number of business within the legal cannabis industry being targeted by thieves is rising and continues monitoring of your product helps to ensure it’s safety. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind. Netwatch’s CCTV security cameras protect your property detecting any unwanted activity on your commercial site. If any activity is detected, live footage of that incident is transmitted directly to our Communication Hub. Our team of Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub respond immediately and take the agreed appropriate action. Live audio warnings are issued, in most cases causing the intruder to leave immediately. The Communication Hub stay live with the site, keeping the authorities and key holders up to date. Netwatch designs, installs and continuously upgrades the technology they believe best suits the layout of your premises ensuring absolute protection at all times.